Course: Foundations of Neural Computing and Applications


Foundations of Neural Computing and Applications


The maximum duration of the course is 6 hours (about 3 hours a day, in the afternoon of October 13 and 15) starting at 1:00 pm (Lisbon, Portugal time) with a short break in between.


Workshop Coordinators:

Prof. Padhu Seshaiyer* and Mr. Alonso Gabriel Ogueda**

Department of Mathematical Sciences

College of Science, George Mason University, Fairfax, USA


(Note: The participants of the course should have good internet connectivity with access to Google)


Abstract: In this short course, we will introduce foundations of computational problem solving for models and datasets associated with equations describing real world problems. We start the course with an introduction to computational thinking along with an overview of Python as a programming language. Following that, we will provide an overview of machine learning fundamentals and showcase some of the powerful state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with applications. Finally, we will build on the tools and techniques to introduce neural computing as a platform for artificial intelligence that takes advantage of the architecture of neural networks and the structure of the physical-laws governing the equations describing real-world problems to make data-driven intelligent decisions.



Introduction to Computational Thinking

Introduction to Python Basics

Overview of Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications

Introduction to Neural Computing

Data-driven Neural Computing




Short Biography

*Prof. Padhu Seshaiyer is a Full Professor of Mathematical Sciences and works in the broad areas of Computational Mathematics, Data science, Numerical methods for differential equations, Mathematical Biology, Computational Biomechanics, Design Thinking and STEM Education. In particular, his research includes the development of new analytical techniques and efficient computational algorithms to obtain numerical solutions to mathematical models describing multi-physics interactions with applications to real-world problems. During the last two decades, he has initiated and directed a variety of educational programs including faculty development, post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate research, K-12 outreach, teacher professional development, and enrichment programs to foster the interest of students and teachers at all levels to apply well-developed research concepts, to fundamental applications arising in STEM disciplines. Over the years, he has won several prestigious awards and honors for his contributions to research, teaching and service. In 2019, he was one of the Plenary Speakers for the VI WCDANM conference. More details can be found at


**Mr. Alonso Gabriel Ogueda is currently a graduate student pursuing his doctoral studies with Dr. Padhu Seshaiyer on applications of Physics Informed Neural Networks. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (2021) and a Mathematical Engineering degree from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (2019). He has worked on a variety of projects involving development of mathematical/statistical algorithms, data analysis, data science and engineering and Cloud computing. More details can be found at